Getting Started

Steel shooting is one of the easiest shooting disciplines to get started in. We have divisions for just about any class of handguns from simple to exotic, rimfire plinker to single action revolver. If it won’t damage the steel targets you can shoot it!

Before you compete in a match you should be familiar with your handgun: how to load, unload, holster safety, draw from your holster safely, reload, clearing a jam, etc. You don't have to be fast, just safe. The most important aspect of the sport is safety. We operate under a strict COLD RANGE policy. This means you may not handle your firearm for any reason unless you are under direct command of the range officer or at one of the designated “safe tables”. At the safe table you may un-bag your firearm and holster, make adjustments or anything else necessary with the exception of loading the firearm or any feeding devices. You may NOT have ammo anywhere near the safe table at any time for any reason. Any of violations of these policies will result in a match disqualification.

With a few exceptions, courses of fire consist of 5 non-reactive steel plates, one of which is a designated “stop” plate. Each shooter will shoot each stage 5 times, with the best 4 runs counting for score. Missed plates incur a 3 second penalty each.

You will need a minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition. We suggest that you bring at least 300 rounds. Holster is recommended, but not required. You will need at least 5 magazines or speed loaders. If you are short on mags, we can work with you to fill mags while you shoot.

Depending on the match attendance, please allow for 4-6 hours to complete the match.

Match fees are $3 for club members, $8 for non members.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email:

Other things to take into consideration when coming to a match

  • The range has very little shade. Bring sunscreen. Bring a hat. Bring an umbrella. During the summer months it can be extremely hot.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Eye protection and ear protection are always required whether you are shooting or not.
  • We will shoot in all weather conditions, unless it becomes unsafe to continue.
  • Matches generally last until mid afternoon. There is no food available on the range so if you are inclined, bring lunch. There are soda machines on the premises.